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Heating System, Cooling System, Geothermal System from Richmond, Rhode Island

Count on the experienced professionals of Valley Heating & Cooling, Inc., based in Richmond, Rhode Island, to install, maintain, and repair your heating, cooling, and geothermal systems. In fact, when it comes to the emergency side of things, we have technicians on duty 24/7, 365 days a year to fix problems with these systems.


Let us install a new heating system in your house, or maintain and repair the system that is in place. Our crew repairs all brands of heating equipment. When it comes to installation, we install gas and oil systems that are energy efficient and dependable. These include:
  • Buderus®
  • Trane®
  • ClimateMaster®
Since you require heating 24/7, we provide you with coverage each and every day of the year, all day long. We know emergencies don't only happen from 9 to 5, so our crew is ready to roll when you need our help.


Our company installs, maintains, and repairs cooling systems and fabricates all of our own ductwork. We install Trane and Maytag® cooling systems, as well as the Fijitsu® Mini Split Heating and AC system. The Fijitsu system is a great way to save money as it performs at up to 300% efficiency. It's like putting in $1 and getting $3 back.


Geothermal systems get their energy from the Earth, which maintains a constant temperature of about 50 degrees during the heating season. Basically, geothermal systems use the Earth's temperature to heat and cool your home with savings of up to 500%.


Service & Repairs

Our company provides 24-hour emergency service from our technicians, who are on call 24/7 and 365 days a year.
HVAC Repair - Cooling systems in Wyoming, RI
Contact us any time of the day or night for emergency service for your heating or cooling system.